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About the Course

Khmer for Beginners is an introductory course designed for students who have little or no ability in the Khmer language. It aims to provide students with a practical basic command of the language. The course is suitable for those wishing to communicate in business, research, and travel and for pleasure. The Khmer cultural aspects (do’s and don’ts in Cambodia) will also be discussed in the course.


Huffman, E. Franklin. (1970). Modern Spoken Cambodian. New Haven and London, Yale University Press

Smith, David. (1995). Colloquial Cambodian: the Complete Course for Beginners. New York, Routledge

*Handouts will be provided.

In each Khmer Course you’ll:

  • be taught by a professionally trained tutor with many years of experience
  • be using extra practical course materials
  • be actively involved in stimulating language activities
  • enjoy yourself

Course Key Features

  • Classes held at your offices, ours or learning Khmer via Skype (Online Khmer Course)
  • Classes as frequently as you want – from a single lesson a week through to a five day intensive course
  • Class times to suit your timetable
  • Able to re-schedule classes as circumstances require
  • The contents of the course can be designed to meet the student’s needs

 Course Outline (20 Hours Course)

Course Outline will be provided upon request.

Note: Students must be prepared to undertake homework  and practice throughout the course. For details of the course, please contact

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